Plush Microbes

While we were on the East coast, 2 of my boys wanted to visit Liberty Science Center. We had a lot of fun there. When we lived in New Jersey, we used to be members. About once a month, they would have a member's night. The place was closed to regular admission, and they had many extra activities. I'd take my [eldest] son up to it pretty regularly. That place is one of the things I miss since moving to Colorado.

When we finished, I decided to look around in the store. The boys got a couple of toys. I also got all three a microbe each. These are the stuffed animals of microbes. The include an interesting variety of problem-causing microbes. But the plush toys are really cute, and the boys really liked them ThinkGeek :: Plush Microbes

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Trinity said...

That's crazy. Geeky cuddly toys now. I want a sexual disease one to hug in bed. :P