Five Dollars and Five Cents

I was shopping yesterday at Wal-Mart. My wallet was feeling a little light, so I decided to get money back with my purchase. I was thinking about getting say $15 dollars. The smallest option was $20. So I chose $20. The friendly checker offered to give me a $20 dollar bill or four $5s. I was going to get the $20, but then I thought about the times I wish I had smaller bills for things like tips at restaurants.

I was wondering about getting a $10 and two $5s. I peaked into her drawer and saw why she didn't offer giving me a $10. Her cash drawer had no $10s. She explained that they didn't give them any $10s to start with. She said any $10s she got were from customers. So I'm guessing I was her first or one of her first customers of the day.

This reminded me of something I've noticed a few times. I told her, 'Yeah - it seems like you always run out of $5 bills too soon. But you don't run out of nickels.'

She said, 'Yeah, why is that?'

That gave me a chance to tell her my theory. I've noticed it a few times before. I told her, 'because we don't have a $25 bill. We have a $20.'

She thought about it for a few seconds and agreed.

Yes, there are other factors. But I think the main reason is that with coins we have a 25 cent piece, but in dollars with have a 20 dollar bill.

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Digichrome said...

I'm still not clear on it but its an interesting theory.