BlogShares - Game

I had noticed a few times in the past few months that my blog showed up on BlogShares.
I ws intregued that my blog was rated a value - and glad to see that it has some positive value. But I didn't understand who would pay money for shares in a blog. Well today, when I noticed that someone had invested in my blog, I looked closer at the site.

It is a *simulation*. A game! - Okay - I guess if I had looked at the title where it said 'Fantasy Blog Shares Market' I might have understood sooner! :)

So it seems all you have to do is sign up to get virtual $500 to invest in blogs. More links can mean more value. Also you can get shares in your own blogs by signing up and putting a blogshares icon on your site.

So I started investing this morning. I spent all but a penny investing. I also signed up all my blogs, so I'd have more shares in each. We will have to see where it goes.

Then just a short while ago, I found an interesting blog. After I read some more of her blog, I found her entry talking about playing blogshares: Blogshares ate my Double Decker

Neat stuff!

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Trinity said...

the double decker is an in house joke between me Stephen http://grumblemag.blogspot.com/ and Clarrie http://fatfighters.blogspot.com/
Double deckers are Buses and also chocolate bars in England.