Where I've Been

Where have I been?
My family took road trips occasionally. One time we made it all the way from NY to Mt. Rushmore. The next year I went on a teen bus tour to CA and back.
As an adult I've been from coast to coast by car. I've also visited outside the country a few times.

* - Visited by car, stayed and did at least some touring
@ - live(d) there for years at a time
+ - Drove through without staying
# - Flew
% - Visited by car and plane
~ - Boat trip

@ New York (Long Island; @Queens; @Manhatten)
@ New Jersey (@Northern; @Central; Shore)

* Massachusettes (Cape Cod, Near Boston, Berkshires)
* Conneticut
* Puerto Rico (San Juan and South Shore)

+ Rhode Island
% Gerogia (Atlanta)
% Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Sanibel, Ft. Myers)
* Pennsylvania
* Ohio

+ Indiana
* Illinois
+ Wisconson
* Minnisota
+ North Dakota
* South Dakota
* Vermont (Skiing Killington)

+ Deleware
+ Maryland

* Washington DC
+ Virgina
+ North Carolina
+ South Carolina
+ Missouri
+ Kansas

@ Colorado %@(Colorado Springs)
+ Oklahoma
* Texas (Near Houston)
* New Mexico (Alberquerque)
* Arizona (Grand Canyon)
* Nevada (Los Vegas)
* Utah (Salt Lake City)

+ Wyoming
% California (San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego)
+ Kentucky
* Tennessee

* Canada (World's fair; Skiing)
*~ Mexico (Tiajuana; Cozumel)
# St. Martin/St. Marteen
~ Jamacia
~ Grand Cayman
# Israel (4x, many places)
#+ France (Airport stop)
#+ Ireland (Airport stop, stayed on plane)

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tdoe said...

You have really traveled to many places!! That is so awesome!! I'm trying to add on to my list of places, but I keep getting stuck on going back to my favorites!!

You are missing New Orleans, LA, though! What's up with that??? ;) It's not so bad! Tip: Visit during the Fall/Winter months, when it's not so HOT and humid!

Happy Traveling!!