Silly Anti-Ketchup Movement

Yahoo! News - Anti-Ketchup Comments Draw Fire From Heinz
Seems some Republicans think using Heinz Ketchup will give money to Kerry's campaign. While there is a link, it is rather weak. Kerry's wife's father is from *the* Heinz family. But Kerry and wife have no holdings in the Ketchup company.

And do you remember that ketchup was a favorite of a past republican president? Reagan signed a bill that ketchup was legally considered a vegetable.
The fruit tomato is a vegetable when place in a container?
This ranks up there with making PI legally equal to 3.0 .

And while we are on the subject of tomatoes being a fruit: it seems to me there is a dishonestly named product on the market: V-8. I figured out a long time ago that it should more honestly be named V-7 + F-1. Besides, a V8 is what eats up gas in an SUV. :)

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