Pokemon Returns

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I bought the 2 new Pokemon games for Gameboy Advance this weekend. My eldest son chose FireRed. I got LeafGreen.

These games seem to be based on the original pokemon cartidges. Same old town, pretty much the same old challenges. But it is supposed to be compatible with the Ruby/Sapphire versions of the pokemon game, so that should be good. They did update the game a lot. You get genders that were added with the Silver/Gold series games. So that make you think that breeding will be possible later in the game. If nothing else, you should be able to trade to Ruby/Sapphire to breed.

So we both started playing. The first night we got about 15 minutes into the game, just to the point of being able to trade with each other. The overnight I completed a plan that I had thought about with previous versions. If my son was willing to hold pokemon for me, and willing to give up some simple pokemon, there was a way we could have all the starter pokemon. All that would have to happen, is that one of us would have to restart the game a few times, choosing the other start pokemon. So I did that. I handing off my starter pokemon for my son to hold. Then I restarted. I picked a different starter pokemon. I did this 5 times. It took about 10-15 minutes each time. I also decided to make sure that he and I wound up with opposite gender of the starter pokemon. He had a male. I had a female of a different character. So that only left the pokemon we both hadn't chosen. So I decided as I was already going to have 2 female starter, I might as well make it 3. So I did.

Everything went smoothly. Each time I restarted, I got the opposite gender. It was perfect. The on the last one, when I was trying to get a female squirtle, it kept coming up male. I tried 4 times from a save. Then I restarted and put in a different name for the rival. 2 more males. I restarted and chose a pre-built rival name. Another male. I changed my player name. Another male. I restarted with the new name but a different pre-built rival name. Another male. I was starting to think that you couldn't get a female. But I had saved just before choosing. So I just restored and chose again. To my surprise, finally a female!

Well, during this time, and some other happenings, my son managed to get a few hours ahead of my in the game. When I first started, my pokemon seemed to train up pretty quickly. But this new starter pokemon seemed to take longer. But I was finally getting through the challenges later in the evening.

Oh yeah, we used the new wireless adapters that come with the cartridges. Sweet! No wires to tangle. You don't have to be right next to each other. We easily traded with about 10 feet between us. The only problem came once when I went out to the garage at the end of one trade session, and my son came after me and said I went out of range. But by the time I looked down at my screen, it had synced back up and was fine! Nice going! I wonder if you could hack into it with an 802.11 card? :)

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