Blizzard Day

Wednesday was sunny and in the 50s. But there was talk of a blizzard.
It seems it was a rare case of a large amount of moisture coming up from the south at the same time as a cold from coming down from the North. Around 12" were expected in my area. But it was also supposed to be very windy - making that unusual amount of snow even more troublesome. Work sent out a note during the day that we should check the weather line before attempting to go into work.

Well, about 11pm, the wind started picking up, but no snow.
In the morning, I got up before 7. There was a lot of snow on the ground. The wind was blowing. It was still snowing. I called work's weather line. It said, work at 10, call again to be sure. Called later, the message said work at 12, call again to be sure. I called again - work was closed for the day.

I had slept a lot of the morning. Boy did I need it. I went out for a short walk during lunchtime, to take some pictures (see below). I was well chilled in just a few short minutes. It was at the edge of freezing. The streets, where they were plowed, looked passable - but treacherous. I heard of a number of people getting stuck just from snow being too deep under the car. So I was glad I stayed home.

I watched a bunch of TV. I even fell back asleep for more than an afternoon.

I watch 'In the Cut' Robin Williams. Then I watched a CSI. Then I watched the 'Butterfly Effect' - an interesting twist on time travel. I have the sequel to watch yet. I watched another CSI before going to sleep. I was a little depressed. Of the 3 TV stations I get from antenna, there was one that was off the air, probably due to the weather: CBS. Unluckily, that was the only station I really watch. My VCR was set to record 2 shows: survivor & the original CSI (the best of the franchise, IMHO). So I left my VCR on so it would not record dead air. I am bummed that I missed both shows. I hope the station is back in time to tape Numb3rs.

Tonight I go see Blue Man Group with some friends.

Tomorrow I have 2 Halloween parties. The first is geocaching-related, and I am getting the boys for a few hours even though it is not my weekend, to take them. Then after I drop them back at their house, I have another party I'll go to for a little while.

Hopefully I'll get some geocaching this weekend. 'Geocaching?' you ask. 'With more than a foot of snow?' Well, you see today is sunny and in the 50s, and that is the forecast for the next few days as well. So it should be well melted in most places soon. I'd expect the roads to be mostly melted - and dry! - by this afternoon.

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Stef said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, the job didn't work out, so I came back to OKC and decided to go back to college in January. I'm looking for a place to live too. I may have a lead on another job (not in radio) that will at least pay the bills. Hope all is well (sounds like it from what I read). Keep in touch! --Stef