Balloon Festival 2006

I went to the balloon festival again this year.
I got up early Saturday - it was too wet to even set up the balloons - much less launch them.
I got up early Sunday - it wasn't as wet - but the cloud cover was too low to launch. I did get a bunch of pictures of the balloons set up on the ground. Then I had to run off to meet up with another geocacher to do an group hunt. It was nice, as he had a 4x4, so we got to do some mountain ones that I wouldn't normally try.
Monday I wasn't sure if I would get up early. I was tired. Yet, I managed to get up pretty early anyhow - but not quite as early as the 2 previous days. I headed down to the balloon festival. I was still a couple of miles away when I could see about a dozen balloons already in the sky! They were launching!
I got down there and managed to take a whole lot of pictures. A whole lot!
I'm going to post one now. I'll see about posting more later.

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