New Fab Four?

I was musing about 'The Who' Music used on CSI and on the reference to the guy on the show who was collection famous dead people's picture, saying that he was going to put it next to his Entwistle. I laughed at the connection between the musician from the group that does their theme music.

And it reminded me of the morbid joke about getting the Beatles back together, when there were still 3 of them. The joke went it would take 3 more bullets. Ouch :)

Then I realize both The Beatles and The Who are down 2 members. So between the 2 groups they have just the right number to make a new fab-four group. :)

Then the topic became what would the new group be called?
I think the best that came up was The Weavels.

A little hard - a little soft - introducing those new old guys from the UK: The Weavels! :)


Trinity said...

I love CSI It's my fav ever show

Garby Doll said...

As in...I Wonder whatever happened to the Weavels???

I love CSI too.