Dish Rant

I opened my Dish (satellite TV) bill last night. In the last year it has jumped $10.00.

First it went from $21.99 for the low-end channel package to $23.99. Suddenly the package has a new name, and costs $31.99.

This is the same crap the cable companies pulled, and why we wound up going with Dish. One of Dish's major selling strategies was to point out how the cable companies were treating people badly. Now they are doing the exact same thing.

We will have to talk to them and let them know that we are not pleased. If they cannot drop the cost way back down, I think it is time to get rid of dish.

I don't watch much broadcast TV. I am pretty sure I can get most of what I watch with an antenna. I'll miss MythBusters. But I could buy the season DVD for MythBusters and have a whole lot of money left over after canceling Dish.

And MythBusters is neat to watch. But they have so many repeats. And spend a bunch of new episodes filled with old material. It is like they only show new episodes during sweep months.

Of course that means the PVR would no longer work, as it is dish-only. Frustrating.

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