RIP Palm

Yesterday I dropped my Palm PDA into water.

It flickered on and off. The screen got this glitch that spread out from the middle. Eventually it turned off and would not turn back on.

I dried it as quickly as I could. I spent a bunch of time opening it up so I could dry out the insides. It was really hard to open, as the screws were this special hex screws. I managed to work them out with my Swiss army knife. But it seems it was too late. I could not get it to work. I am not sure it is worth having it repaired.

I looked online for a new cheap palm. But the one that was on sale a year ago, with MP3 playback ability, was sold out everywhere. It looks like I'd have to pay at least twice as much for a Palm with MP3. The one I killed didn't have MP3, but I'm determined to have MP3 in my next one. And I use my palm a lot - for tracking my hours at work at a minimum. So I'm feeling kind of lost without it. But E-Bay to the rescue! Same model as the one from last year, new in the box, and it even costs a little less (before shipping at least) than the prices last year!

So while I'm feeling really stupid for killing my palm, it looks like I'll be getting an upgrade out of it. I don't want to spend the money - but I admit I really use it, so it is a valuable tool. And with the MP3, I have a more convenient MP3 player for things like hikes. Although, I may have to invest in a bigger SD card. And I wonder about battery life. How long can I get playing MP3s on a charge - and it there any way to extend the charge? I mean will it last if I use it hiking up Pike's Peak - like I did my CD/MP3 player this past summer?

Well, even if I don't get it right away, I still hope to get out for a real hike soon - I could use the exercise!

And this is my second Palm PDA. The first was the IIIC - the first color Palm. That one died when the rechargable battery stopped recharging. I'm wondering if I can use the battery from this newly deceased Palm to bring the old one back to life. Well, the old one doesn't have an SD slot - and I really like the idea of the MP3 ability of the new one - so even if I can Frankenstein the old one back to life, I still want the new one. Hm - maybe the old one, with it's serial port instead of USB might work directly with the GPS?! That might be fun!

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