Geocaching - My RAID-5

Well, I've spent quite a few weeks with this idea about doing a puzzle cache. Where seekers have to solve a puzzle to find the final cache. But it was more than just a puzzle - it also teaches how some computers can store data in a safer, faster way, called RAID-5.

So I made a RAID-5 cache. I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out the best way to do it - and making charts and tables to go with it.

And today, I was rewarded by the first person to find it. He said he even learned from it! Yay!
The only problem is that the coordinates were a little off - and now I either have to put a note to that on the website, or recalculate all the clues and replaces the 4 clues! Yikes!

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jestjuggle said...

Puzzle caches are cool! There is a new one here in CT that is giving everyone fits, One person found it, but never solved it. He followed the hiders tracks in the snow. You can read about in our Jestcaching Blog. Looks like you did a lot of work putting yours together.

Mike and Barb