Astronaut has one-way ride to station

Due to a sanction the US government has against our space partner Russia, over concerns that Russia was providing space and missle technology to enemies, NASA is forbidden to buy lauches from Russia. Russia's contract to fly missions to the Space Station is completed with the next launch. Because of the grounding of the Space Shuttle, and the delay of repairs due to the hurricanes, that will mean the astronaut going up, will not have a defined ride home for the end of his 6 month scheduled stay.

He has stated that he is willing to stay up as long as he has to.

The US is hoping Russia will continue to fly mission out of good will.

While Russia has been a very good partner in the space program, it is well known that they are financially strapped. While I would hope that they would help out if there was an emergency, I don't think we can really count on them to do much out of good will.

So, that means our government needs to make an emergency exception. Add it to some of the Katrina emergency funding. But it doesn't look like they will rush into it.

Hmm - any Reagan era Contra fund money left around that can be slipped to them under the table?

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