Geocaching: Our First Travelbug

We hiked up from Blodget Open space this past weekend. This time we looked up a Geocache in the area before we went. We found it with only a few minutes of searching. The GPS started us about 15 feet to the South. It was a very nice cache. It would seem that this person works for or is somehow closely associated with a local outdoor-activity-store [ERV].

In it, we unexpectedly found a travelbug!

Geocaching - Travel Bugs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A travel bug is a 'treasure' with a special dog tag to let you track the item. And the item goes from cache to cache. Some have a destination. Some are just wandering, perhaps with some other theme, such as the one we found. We have to make sure to put it in another cache in the next few days. Cool stuff!

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