Transparent Computer Screens

People (with way too much time on their hands) have made wallpaper for thier computer desktops that looks like the area behind their desktop - giving the illusion in all these pictures as if the screens were transparent. As if you could see through the back of the LCD.

I kept waiting for one where the LCD screen showed more than the backdrop - as if it could do X-Ray. :)

Aurorealis: Transparent


Looking up E93 St

Looking up E93 St

On this past Tuesday night, I met 2 friends from school. I got in touch with them from Colorado. They still live in Manhatten, not that far from where we went to school. It was amazing to see these guys after so long.
So much has changed - and yet, amazingly, there still was a number of things that were recognizable.
I had not seen Rob sinve the early 80s. I had not seen Mark since the last 70s.

We had a couple of drinks and talked a lot. It was interesting to hear about other people we went to school with.


Long Day

Yesterday was a long day. In many ways. Okay, it didn't start that early. I was woken by a phone call about 9:00am. I think that was the best sleep I've had in over a week - and I could have used even a little more then.

But it still took me a long time to get moving and decide what I wanted to do. I was thinking if I'm going to make it to the top of Pikes Peak, I need a lot more training. So I wanted to get in another hike. I was debating what I wanted to do for the 4th of July celebrations - fireworks and all.

I was debating going up to monument, and hiking up the trail above Palmer lake. I wasn't sure how to get there - we had gone once before with friends, and they led the way. I was also debating going to Barr trail - the hike up to Pike's Peak from Manatou Springs. The route I want to be able to do this time.

I finally decided I wanted to get the feel of Barr trail. I also felt in my bones that the weather would be safer down by Manatou Springs than up in Monument. But I didn't get out until after noon. And I was 20 minute on the road when I realized that I forgot my GPS. Just far enough that I didn't want to go back for it. What an interesting difference that would make.

There was a bit of traffic getting through Manatou Springs. I finally parked and was able to get on the trail by 1. As I was starting out, a young girl asked me if I was going up to Barr Camp. I said I didn't think I'd make it that far. Based on how long the scar took me, I was sure I wasn't going to get to Barr Camp. Especially if I wanted to get home to change before going down to see Hootie and the Blowfish at PPIR.

Well, without my GPS, I had to rely on the trail signs to see how far I'd gone and how high. After about 2.5 hours on the trail, I was getting really tired and sore. A smart person would have turned around then. I was not being smart. I kept going. Then I was at a sign that said 9,800' - 1/2 mile to Barr Camp. So close - I couldn't stop. I pushed on.

Yes, I made it all the way to Barr Camp as an afternoon hike, starting at 1pm. What does that mean in distance? It is 7 miles, uphill most of the way - gaining something on the order of 3,500 feet. By linear distance I was more than halfway along the 13 miles to the summit. By altitude, I was a little less than halfway.

This was much more promising than the hike on the scar. Except for the fact that I was so sore, and still had to go all the way back down. That was tough. Yet I managed to pass a few people on the way down. Most were carrying a lot more, having stayed overnight at Barr camp. But not all.

All told, it took me 6 hours. Quite a hike. I even bought a bottle of water at Barr Camp. I took a lot of picture, which I will post later.

Then the question was do I go down to see Hootie & The Blowfish. It was 7pm. Their show was supposed to start at 7:30. I got there about 7:40. But the race before was still running, so I didn't miss the beginning of the show.

The show was pretty good. Although standing for an hour and a half was tough after the hike.

The fireworks were pretty good.

It took more than a half hour to get out of the parking lot. Got home shortly before midnight. Now I am off to help some friends move stuff. I am sort, but I can move. The Advil are helping.


Hiking The Scar - Geocaching

Sky, Clouds, Ridge
I decided I wanted to hike up the Scar againHeading up to the trail

Big Rock
Mostly as training for hiking up Pikes Peak hopefully around the end of JulyThe trail starts here

A Magestic Rock
But also because it can have some great viewsTrail

Rock Erosion
And I've heard about GeoCachingWhere you look for hidden caches by their GPS coordinatesTrail past a cavern

Tree hanging into the sky
So this past Wednesday, after work, I packed up my camera, my CamelBak and my GPS and headed for Glen EyrieRock Formations

View towards Cheyenne Mountain
I also packed the print out of a
GeoCache on the Scar
Road and Sky

Going up the Road - Hot and Sunny
There were some extra clues on the web page for the Cache on the Scar - Most sounded familiarSky, Clouds, Hidden Sun

Old Road up the Scar
On my way up, checking the GPS, I thought the Cache was down this way (->) and took about 20 minutes to realize I was not headed the right way. So I decided to make it to the top of the scar, and try to locate the Cache on my way back downSteep way down Queen's Canyon

Rocky Structures
Surprised the group of Sheep

Bighorn Sheep Looking down
Garden of the Gods Road
I found a couple of groups of Big Horn Sheep - I suprised them a couple of times - I even managed to split a group apart temporarilyMore Bighorn Sheep

View from the top of the Scar Looking North
It took me longer than I expected to get to the top of the Scar - but it was as exilerating as ever to make it to the topMade it to the top of the Peak

Self Portrait
(<-) A cheesy self-portrait at the top, looking NorthEast from the top of the Scar
(->) and an interesting shadowy picture of Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak

Down the back edge of the Scar
Heading back down - to the right is the valley where Dorothy Falls is located. I was sad to read that they are limiting access to the area on weekends - but it does get busyQueen's Canyon - Dorothy Falls is down there

Garden of the Gods doesn't look so big from here
The views are pretty spectacular from the Scar - I filled up my 256M card with 182 pictures (says it should hold 175 when empty) And before I got all the way down, I swapped to my 340M micro drive card - to finish the day with 216 picturesView along the edge of the Scar

A Balancing Rock
Another Bighorn

That Geocache has to be here somewhere
On the way down I looked for the GeoCache - my GPS got me within less than 10 feet! It still took a bit of searching - The cache was a small tupper-type-ware in a ziplog back, pretty well hidden. But I found it! I added my name to the log and left a nickle with my handle 'KAH731' and the symbol of a LED on the back of the Nickle. I think I'll have to do more GeoCaching!Bench

Pretty Wildflowers
Interesting Weed