Seeing Star Wars III

I have always seen Star Wars opening day. Always.

This year I was getting worried that I might not be able to see it opening day. The big theater in town listed as sold out of all the midnight showings a couple of weeks ago - about the same time I heard the tickets were on sale early.

I think my wife works the evening of opening day, so I was looking at possibly standing in line for hours after she got home, and maybe not getting to see it.

Then really good friends of ours called me up at work, to let me know that Pepsi had some sort of deal on the midnight showing of SW3. I said, 'Yes! Count me in!'.

When I asked him about the tickets this past weekend, he informed me that the tickets weren't available until Monday, and this is when he would know for sure. Then he mentioned he was driving to get them. Up to Denver.

It seems we will be seeing the movie up in Parker - Southern Denver suburbs. I wasn't expecting that. So instead of getting home by 3am, it will probably be more like 4am. And I'm planning on taking my 12yo son along too. I guess we'll both get in late to work/school. :)

I just checked with my friend - he did get the tickets! Yes! I'm psyched!! And relieved that I won't be breaking my streak if seeing the movie opening day. And this will mean my 12yo will have seen opening day for all 3 he has been alive for.

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