Laser Tag

My son's 12th birthday was a week ago. For his birthday, he wanted to do laser tag. So we signed him up for Sunday. This past Sunday. Oops - that is mother's day. Too late to change. It worked out okay - it meant that the laser tag place was a lot less crowded.

It was fun! We had about 12 kids - with about 3 being non-tag-players. I played laser tag 3 times. The first 2 times I was to score for my team - and highest score for the game the second time. The last time I switched colors, but forgot which color I was at first, and cost my team some points. Even without my mistake at the begining, it was a much more lopsided score - we lost badly. I wonder if some of the guns are configured to score higher than others.

I also took a turn at battle-tech - a mech game played with special networked PCs in pods. That was kind of neat too.

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