Spring Skiing Copper Colorado

Spring skiing in Colorado. Do I need to say more?
Of course I do - it's a blog! :)

It was over 40 at the base. While they had a bunch of snow just a few days ago, the temperature and strong sunlight made the snow a little slushy. And for some this might have made the skiing worse. But for a guy who grew up skiing back East, it was nearly perfect.
I brought along a GPS unit. Okay, so I'm really geeky. GPS, cell phone, digital camera and my camel-bak (water backpack).
It was the first time I'd been skiing this year. And I haven't been all that active since I started my new job. So my muscles did not have as much endurance. I haven't been so sore since I hiked the grand canyon at 15.

Snow caps driving up from Denver

Contrails X over Copper Villiage

Copper treeline

Ski lift and sky

More pictures

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