We had first night of Passover last night. I spent most of Friday evening and *all* of Saturday assisting cooking and cleaning and setting up for our major Passover celebration - our Seder.
My wife worked most of this time - and a lot for days before too. Passover is a major spring cleaning and more.
We had a lot of guests - over 30. Not the most we've had, but pretty close.
My son invited a bunch of teachers. I invited a friend from Denver. My wife had some associates from her work and we had a few people from our synagogue too.

We do a fun, short version of the Seder - the telling of the story of the Exodous from Egypt. My wife added a play to the Seder, to give some body to the story. I think it went over well.

Keith's Pictures: 2005-04-24

We do the Seder in a simulated tent. Cloth strung along the ceiling. We sit on the floor and go around reading parts of the story.

Today I cleaned up the tent, and we returned the two tables and chairs we borrowed for the dinner portion of the evening.


Lisa said...

It was a lot of fun! :) Thanks for inviting me.

Atomic Bombshell said...

That sounds like such fantastic fun! I wish I had cool Jewish friends like you guys nearby ;) I'm starting to wonder if I can join a Messianic temple to get the best of both worlds.

Stef said...

It sounded like it was a lot of fun, Keith. My sister's best friend from high school is Jewish, and she used to invite my sister for Passover quite a bit, but I've never had the pleasure of attending something like that. Maybe someday before I die...LOL :)