Cooking Something Different

I decided to be a tiny bit creative for dinner tonight. I started with the base elbow noodles. I was debating cheese or tomato sauce or even a noodle salad for dinner. I wished I had some ground turkey to work with, but I didn't.
So I started thinking about the frozen chicken breasts I will resort to. But I didn't want to do the same old chicken pieces.
Then I decided to slice up the chicken in the food processor. First I tried the shreader. I was not happy with the speed or result. So I went with the slicer. Better, but it wasn't working that quickly. I realized that the chicken was just too frozen. So a quick minute in the microwave, and yes - it worked much better.
I cooked up the shredded chicken, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it next. Gravy? I was leaning toward tomato sauce. Then it hit me - taco mix! But the kid don't like it too spicey - so I only used half the package and added some left-over tomato sauce from the fridge.
I also added some nuked frozen peas.
It went over pretty well. I added some hot sauce at the table for myself. All 3 boys ate it without a fight - and my eldest complimented it a few times. He even asked me what I called it.
I didn't know at first. I finally came up with Tiajuana Tubes. Mexican-based, but only a little over the border. :)

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Atomic Bombshell said...

What an awesome, creative dad!