Talking About The Weather

This morning, instead of sun, it was very foggy. It was kinda cold. As I was driving to work just before 6am, I noticed the car was handling a little oddly. So I pressed on the breaks. Ice. Black ice. The road had a thin coating of ice, that you couldn't tell was ice, it just looked wet. So it was a slow, careful drive to work. I was glad that there aren't as many cars on the road at that time.

When I got to work, I debated parking under, but I felt sure it would warm up and get sunny during the day. But I was wrong. It was foggy all day. And cold all day. So as I was driving home everything windward had a coating of ice on it. Here are a few pictures I took close to dusk.

Japanese Maple Leaf with Ice - Flash

Ice crystals

Ice on the bush out front

Foggy Ice on the tree out front

icy Fog


Keith said...

You can tell I playing with the white balance in the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I love how ice looks on trees, etc. It's funny, black ice isn't as common here as it is back east.

Lisa @ glimpseofagrrl.com

Zee said...

Those are all wonderful shots.

I miss snow.