Sunday Actions

Yesterday my middle boy had a birthday party to go to. I didn't have exact directions, so I would up driving the wrong way a few times, eating up a minutes between being a little early to being a little late.

He was to be at the party activity for an hour and a half. I had the other two boys with me. We hadn't had lunch yet. It seemed like a good idea just to treat the to lunch out instead of rushing home, rushing through lunch and rushing back. So we went to the nearby Carl's Junior Hamburger fast food place.

Afterwards I drove around a little, until we found a playground. Nobody was there. The small round-a-bout was very hard to turn, so that got boring quickly. I got an interesting black-and-white picture of the empty playground (below).

There was a bridge for an openspace trail over a stream right next to the playground. We crossed the bridge. Then we went down to the stream and played a while. We through rocks in. We watched little ice flows drift downstream.

Then it was time to go pick up my middle son. We left. I noticed the way the old middle line was showing through the street where we crossed. So I went back and took a picture (below).

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