New Sugar Glider Cage

It was decided we needed a new sugar glider cage. We could pay $150 or more to the people we got the first one from. Or we could figure out how to make once for ourselves.

We tried to find the same type of coated chicken wire as the current cage. But the only thing home depot had was smaller grid an thinner wire. But it seemed like it might just be think enough. So we go two 5' rolls and a 3' roll. We also got a roll of bailing wire to help put it together. And a new needle-nosed plier to deal with the wire.

We spent a few hours on it last night. We got the basic forms and layout down, and had started attaching some of the floors to one of the two wall-sets. We learned the best way to flatten the wire. Pounding it flat or a little past with the mallet, then turning it over and pounding it flat.

Building a new Sugar-Glider Cage

Today I formed a couple of ramps, and managed to get all of the pieces attached. The only thing left to do is to put in the door. We even formed a latch out of coat hanger.

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Trinity said...

hi keith...what's a sugar glider cage??