Kill Bill

I just finished watching Kill Bill Vol. 2.

I stayed up late last night watching Volume 1.

My first reaction to the movies is just how violent they are.

If you can get past the violence, the action and plot are kind of fun.

I had this vision of the movie being about some sort of conspiracy to kill Bill - some sort of leader of a group. But I realized that the core plot was very similar to another 2-movie set that I had just seen lately. It has a similar core plot to the Borne series. Both are about revenge from the view of a single rouge agent.

But the Borne movies were 2 movies. The Kill Bill series was really one long movie broken into two releases. There is a difference in the 2 movies flavors. KB1 is a lot more on action and not too much on plot. Just enough plot to make you really want to find out why and what happens. And the cliffhanger at the end of KB1 is intense. I am really glad I wated for video, and got to watch them one after another.

I had started watching KB1 when the kids were still awake. I had it on the TV in the bedroom. I decided after only 13 minutes into the movie, that it was too intense for them - even just the soundtrack - much less the paused scenes they could walk in on. So I decided to watch it on my laptop instead - with headphones.

So two late nights in a row. It goes well with my suddenly not feeling like sleeping about 10 o'clock evenings after work. I was just barely staying awake earlier in KB2 tonight. But now I am up writing in my blog.

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