Hot Stone Massage

When I first heard about Hot Stone Massage, I thought it sounded kind of odd. It sounded like it would be some sort of decorating hot rocks on acupuncture points.

And it seems like that might be part of it in some cases. But I received a version of hot stone massage last night that made me think it wasn't bad. Having warm, wet rocks placed on my back, hand and feet didn't do much for me. It seemed a bit silly.

But when these warm, river-smooth stones were used to rub my muscles, it was very nice. It allow some nice pressure with some nice warmth. When the warm stones were placed under my back, covered with a towel, this was nice too. This provided firm, warm pressure to spots on my back. Spots that were sore from the weekend's activities: roller skating, biking with 2 of my boys in the trailer, and crouching for hours building a new cage.

So, while the standard hot stone massage is just some sort of rock placement, a good therapist can use the rocks as a stimulating deep heat massage.

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