Day off from work and school today. We went bowling. It was pretty fun. It didn't suck that I had best score all three times ;-)
Had friends along - that was nice.
And in a non-smoking bowling alley!


Atomic Bombshell said...

Very nice! Better than mine, I spent the day catching up on filing. :/ I miss the days when it was politically correct to make your secretary do it.

Anonymous said...

ok keith, where is this non-smoking bowling alley.


Stef said...

A non smoking bowling alley??? There IS such a thing?? Oh my, will wonders ever cease!

Seeing as I spent a great majority of my childhood in bowling alleys tagging along with my parents as they competed in various leagues all over Southern California, I would have loved to have come across a smoke free facility! Enclosed spaces blue with second hand smoke was not my favorite places to be. As long as the place had an arcade, I was a happy girl.

-tank's grrl

Keith said...


In Monument - 3 minutes off the highway.

Technically it isn't non-smoking all the time. It is non-smoking during daytime hours in the main area (bar has smoking all the time) and I understand that smoking is only allowed behind the wall, so there is little 'old smoke' smell left in the bowling area. It seemed rather clean. Althoug they wouldn't let us eat our own food (candy).

blackdaisies said...

wow ... you have smoking bowling alleys??? I don't smoke so its nice where I live - everything is non-smoking, except for bars and nightclubs. Restaurants, any public facility ... everywhere, non-smoking. Even bars are slated to go non-smoking in July 2005. Of course, when you step outside from pretty much anyway, you are blasted with a wall of smoke even in -30 weather - but its a small price to pay to be able to go out and not breathe in the second hand smoke and to know that my son is not exposed to it. Its amazing what can change. When I was young, you could smoke everywhere even at work - its amazing what grassroots lobbying can achieve over time.