Steal My Sunshine - Len

Random song come up from my playlist: "Steal My Sunshine".

Not the first time it has come up, but it does seem to come up rarely. 

When it was playing on the radio in 2001-2002 time frame,  during my drive to-and-from Denver Tech Center, it was one of the newer songs that stuck with me.

It stuck with me enough that I decided to order the whole album CD from which the song was featured. It turns out there are a number of songs of a style I do not prefer on the CD, but it is interesting to gamble on other songs on an album by a group.

This song also fits into a category for me: songs that spell a word. I was thinking a while back, I should make a list of them - for some reason some of them stick out. (Ex: B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

However, it turns out that the song isn't all new. Perhaps there was some subliminal influencing going on with this song.

In a very ADD ("SQUIRREL") moment while listening to the song today, I decided I needed to view the lyrics. It has a lot of words that go by quickly, and I wondered at some of the things they were saying.

However, I wound up viewing the Wikipedia article on it first.

"Steal My Sunshine" borrows from 2 things in the past:
1) They loop a sound capture from the Disco Song More, More More by Andrea True Connection.
2) They were specifically going after the style of Don't You Want Me By The Human League.

Both of those songs are already in my brain, so perhaps it is not so surprising that the song stuck out strongly to me.

One of the interesting lyrics in the song, that they repeat, I realized would also be a good Toastmasters saying:

"A Million Miles of Fun"