Song from 2 Broke Girls

Love the new TV series: "2 Broke Girls"!

We've been wondering what the song behind the intro was for a few weeks now. I tried googling it the other day, without success.

Tonight, we were watching How I met Your Mother from a couple of weeks ago on DirecTV DVR. And the end of the recording was the beginning of a 2 broke girls we had already seen - but it was still fun to watch again. The recording went through the intro and into the first commercial, just about to end and say delete, when I had an inspiration. I decided to try seeing if the song-identification app (V-Cast) would be able to identify it. Tried it once, no luck. Second time, BINGO!!

It is a song called 'Second Chance' by 'Peter Bjorn And John'.
I was able to confirm it by doing a search and found it on Youtube