Google Maps - Something Different

I found something different today moon.google.com

Like Google maps, but showing the moon landings. I was curious if I could see any signs of human activity at the closest zoom - don't miss it!


Geocaching Meet in Colorado Springs

I am in the process of making a group for geocaching in the Colorado Springs area:
Pikes Peak Geocaching

I know, not very original, but it describes things decently. I like it better than Southern Colorado Geocaching.

Right now, I'm just trying to get a group get-together going for next month. So far, the response has been very positive from other local geocachers I've emailed with in the last few days.

The first challenge is finding a place to meet. If nothing else, we can always descend on the food court of the Northern Mall. I was hoping for something a little more conducive to pleasant conversation. So that may mean finding a restaurant. But that then puts an obligation to pay for food to the attendees. I would prefer not to do that for the first meeting.

If all goes well, I may try to turn it into a more formal group - like they have up in Denver. We will have to see. If nothing else, it is something more to do with my Geocaching obsession.

To the end of the meet and possible group, I've set up subdomains on my domain:
ppgc.kah731.com or pikespeakgc.kah731.com or pikespeakgeocaching.kah731.com or geocaching.kah731.com - they all point to the same page.