Daylights Savings Time Change

I must say I think it is dumb to change daylight savings time.
It is an idea with limited value in the first place.

And they stuck it in the middle of an energy bill.

They will keep daylight savings time an extra 3 weeks in the spring and a week in the fall.

Just what we need - more craziness.

And the idea is to save energy.

Lets look at what is really going on here. They are playing games with the clocks to try to get businesses to change when they do business. Change when lights need to go on. When people have to drive. In theory, it will save energy because they should be a slight reduction of power aligning work to stay within daylight hours.

To that end, they are going to force us to adjust our clock. Creating all sorts of odd conditions - 2 1:00AMs in the fall - and no 2:00AM in the spring. People loosing an hour of sleep in the spring. And how many times have you - or someone you know - been thrown off by the time change. Showing up an hour early - or worse - an hour late - right after the time change. How much does that cost businesses?

They want to save energy? How about instead of playing games with the clocks - they give incentives to business to adjust working hours to match the most energy efficient time to do the work?

And did anybody really think how much energy was really being saved? Aren't there much better ways to save energy? Say incentives not to drive gas guzzlers?

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Stef said...

Can you imagine the sun setting at 8 or 8:30pm in OCTOBER??? What were they thinking? My son Jeff's birthday (end of March) will now be in DST...I wonder if a couple years down the road, when Bush is out of office, they're going to wonder what the hell was the point? Fix the damn bridges and overpasses in Oklahoma before you go screwing with the clock, Mr. Bush!

(/end rant) LOL