Dodged a Bullet

At work today, I dodged a bullet. Once that I didn't exactally see coming, but was prepared for anyhow.

My boss stopped by my cube, and asked what I was doing. I was working on this project that keeping morphy and growing subtly. He seemed a tiny bit nervous. He asked me to walk with him. We talked about the project until we got down the hall.

He then informed me that they were not renewing the contract of the other guy who I work with in support. He started about a week before I did. It seems he has about a month left on his contract.

My boss said it was financial. They were cutting the budget. I knew they were considering not renewing the guy, but I didn't know they were playing budget games that hard. The budget came up in most meetings, with the old division boss and the new one. I knew they had budgeted for 3 people in our work - partly to cover the month overlap each year of having 4 people on support, and partly to cover when tough support issues fall onto the developers.

So to hear that they need to cut the budget back is concerning. The last few things I'd heard was that they wanted to change the budget reporting for our group to match the work we were doing. And the new department manager had a number of graphs showing we were doing more work in less time as a group in development.

So the guy who was one of the parts that was making the work more frustraiting is not staying. And this other guy who is really good at the work will be dragged back to support. I doubt he is too happy about it.

The real irony is the fact that this week, the other consultant really seemed to be catching on. Yeah, the workload was a little lighter. But he really seemed to be able to handle a better part of the workload. I was not looking forward to him leaving too much work at turnover like he did all the other times he was on the early shift. But all this week, he managed to turn over a pretty light load, and I always seemed to get it well in hand in very little time.

So the axe has swung, and I managed not to get hit. That is a mostly good feeling, as I've seen too much of the sharp end of the axe since moving to Colorado.

(These opinions are completely my own, and are not related to my job ;-) )


Stef said...

Whew! That sounded a little too close for comfort. Glad it missed you this time.

Anonymous said...

Whew!!! Yay for you! Bloody Bahstards. Want me to come beat 'em up for you?? ;-)
Jubie Q