Weekend in CA

This past weekend I was in California, for a cousin's wedding. I took off Friday and Monday from work. My eldest son came along for the adventure.

Seeing as I live in Colorado now, a land-locked state, it was imperative that I stick my toes in the ocean. :)
Of course, whenever I get near the sand, I almost always have to make a sand castle. This time was no exception - I made a dibble sand castle.

The others in our group - most from the east coast: NJ & MA, said the water was too cold to put you foot in. Well, I didn't find it that cold - I went up to my knees - and if I wasn't wearing shorts, I might have go in a bit more.

Weekend in CA - Waves rolling

Weekend in CA - Dribble Sand Castle - Seagulls watching

Weekend in CA - View through sand castle spires

Weekend in CA - Closeup on dribble sand castle

Weekend in CA - Bird flying over the Beach

Weekend in CA - Waves over Sand Castle

Weekend in CA - Dribble Sand Castle - Water rushes by

Weekend in CA - Beach

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Anonymous said...

MMmmm, dribble sand castles...makes me feel all nostalgic and warm inside...and a bit poignant.