Eye Doctor

So I got around to going to the eye doctor last week.
Big surprise, my eyes have gotten a little worse.
And I'm entering the range of reading glasses or bi-focals.
Well I knew that for a while. Most of the time it isn't really a problem. I've already noticed it in the past - when doing fine electrons - like robots. I bought myself a pair of reading glasses for that work. That is the only time I've used them.
The only other time I've noticed that I'm getting into reading-glasses zone is when I have to read some really fine print - like on some medicine bottles.
So I declined the honor of getting bi-focals for now. I don't need them for casual reading or work, so I'll do without for now.

But I did ask about contacts. I haven't worn contacts in 7-10 years. Party was cost. Partly was the last time I tried them, I couldn't get them to settle down. I think the big problem with getting them to settle down was allergies. But my allergies have been much, much better since moving to Colorado. So I decided I wanted to look into contacts if they didn't cost too much.

I asked about extended wear. It seems I picked the wrong point - or almost. It seems that there are not many choices for extended wear right at the moment - but a number of companies are supposed to be coming out with new ones in about a month. Well, I know my prescription is a little special. I need toroid contacts - because I have astigmatism in both eyes. That means my eyes are slightly football shaped - and the contacts not only have to have a special shape, but they have to be weighted to sit right.

The eye doctor seemed to think I'd have a lot of trouble with the contacts sitting right - and that I shouldn't expect correction as well as glasses. That is exactly the opposite of my prior experience with contacts. With contacts I get better correction than my glasses. And I don't seem to have much trouble with getting the to sit right - I am able to blink correctly to get them to sit nicely.

I remember one of the last times I had gotten contacts back in New Jersey. The optometrist was giving me all this doom and gloom about extended wear contacts. I had been wearing them for a while - and he was telling me about how bad they can be for eyes. About how he was going to find all these problems with my eyes from them, and I would have to stop wearing them - at least the extended wear lenses. Then he looked at my eyes. Then he looked again. He then said, 'you can continue to wear extended wear lenses as long as you like'. It seems my eyes we not showing any health concerns from the contacts.

Well, this time, it looks like I'll have to accept daily-wear - one-month disposable. I'm willing to go with that to start. Especially since it doesn't cost all that much. And I'm ready to try them again.

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Lisa said...

What's your Rx? I'm -11.5 (diopters) in contacts and -13.5 (I think) in glasses.