Work Change

Well - I'm supposed to change shifts at the end of the month. But my counterpart on support asked me to change early. He wanted a week on early shift in a month. So he suggested switching four days early.

I didn't realize until he came by later, is that he wanted to switch as of tomorrow!

Get off 6am shift early. Hm. I don't mind that a bit. I might mind it more when I have to work almost 5 weeks of 6am shift in a month. But right about now it sounds great!

Okay - I've felt more balanced with the workload on early shift. Hopefully it won't seem too bad with the workload on later shift. Heck - it might be better - I'll rarely have leftover work to get in the way of my 2.5 hours dev time.

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Anonymous said...

What are your new hours?

Someone in my department got promoted. She wants my 7-4 shift. I like my shift.