Weird Rash

I had an odd rash this evening. It felt like my shirt was rubbing me wrong. Along my sides on my upper back. Burning and sore into mhy muscles.

Ang the odd thing is that I had a similar experience the day before last. It was a similar rash - but the worst spot was where my palm in my shirt pocket was pressing into my skin. It really hurt then too. Sore muscles.

So I'm thinking maybe these two shirts got washed with my wife's power detergent she uses for her massage sheets. And I'm thinking I'm not washing any of my clothes in that detergent again.


Took the boys to a playground this afternoon. Had a pretty good time.
All for now.


blackdaisies said...

hmmmm weird rashes aside ... happy valentine's day to you and yours :)

Stef said...

you don't have shingles, do you? Have you seen your doctor about this weird rash yet?