Saturday Fun

My youngest son had been invited to a birthday on Saturday. It was a friend from school. One I don't remember having heard about, but he wanted to go. The birthday was at a local skating rink. SO we all went. After we got my youngest son settled, we went back out and paid admission so we could skate. I remember being to this skating rink once or twice before - but it had been probably at least a couple of years.

The boys were a little reluctant to skate. The two little guys were very hesitant to go out on the rink on their skates, even with help from a parent or two. My big guy got out there a few times. He was slow, and spent most of his time along the wall, but at least he tried. When I wasn't helping one child or another, I was able to get out and skate a bit.

I don't remember doing much roller skating as a kid. I did ice skating some, but it usually hurt my feet. And I could never stop without hitting a wall - which was usually okay. Well, with rollerskating, I was about the same bit with stopping. A wall was the best idea.

I didn't fall much - twice I think. Once when I tried to stop with a wall, and another time I was taken down. But I found I really enjoyed it. It was more of a workout than I expected it. And I was enjoying the work out. I worked up a bit of sweat, especially when helping the kids. But I enjoyed the cooler breeze when I was able to get some speed up myself. I didn't want to stop when everyone else was ready to go. But by that time I was actually doing a little better at stopping without hitting a wall. I knew in theory, you could use the 5th wheel/toe pad as a drag break. Every time I'd tried in the past, it just through me off balance.

But by the end of the time on Saturday, I was starting to get the hang of the toe break. I figured out I needed to put the toe break closer to inline behind the rolling foot. That way I wasn't balanced too far to the side.

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