It snow yesterday and last night. We got maybe an inch. But the schools we on 2 hour delay. I can understand - it was cold, blowing, and the snow created a layer of ice on the road, and they were not sure if we would get more snow. When I looked on the weather report, I saw a hole from Colorado Springs down to Pueblo with no snow expected. Weird to see a hole like that. But it did bode well for getting the kids to school in time before my interview at 1:30.

But thinking about getting the kids in at 10, I debated going into work. I would lose time going in and having to leave not that long after. So I decided to dial in instead. I'm glad I have a good boss for that - for one more week.

I redressed in my best suit and headed over for my interview. I met the boss of the group. He seemed like a very nice person. I think he may be descended from native Americans, not that it matters. He spent a lot of time telling me about the position and the work. The biggest surprise was the hours. The job would normally or mostly start at 6:30am. This is pretty darn early. Yet I quickly realize that I could get up at the same time I used to get up when I commuted to Denver. And I'd be home a lot earlier in the day. It should be before sunset, even on the shortest day of the year. But not early enough to pick up the kids from school, and it would be too early to take them to school.

After meeting with the boss, he had two other guys from the group come and give me a techy interview. One guy was normal, the other was a long-haired, bearded guy. That's cool. Overall, I think the tech interview went very well. I missed a couple of questions, but quickly showed I understood the concepts. And I got a few harder questions right on. One of them they admitted they have used as a tie breaker question. Someone who knew the Cobol unstring method showed that they were more rounded than another coder. I was worried that they were expecting a DB2 admin, as that was the brainbench test I took, and the recruiter warned me that they would grill me on DB2. But they asked me normal developer questions, so I was pretty comfortable with that part of the interview. I was a bit rusty, not having done DB2 in 4 years. But many concepts translate between different versions of database servers, so that helped me a lot.

Then I met with the boss again. He said his boss was off, but would call me in the next day or two. It seems that as long as I get along with this East Coast boss, I have a good shot at the position. That certainly make me feel a lot more comfortable with the job situation.

Not the perfect job for me, but a very good match for my skills. It sounds like I could learn a bit there, and it also might help motivate me to work on my education some more.

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