7-11 Parking

After voting yesterday, we stopped by 7-11 to get some coffee.

It was then that I noticed something that really bothered me about most every 7-11 I've been to.

Tight little parking spaces to pull in out front.

You feel very closed in going into the spaces. You worry about hitting your door on the next persons car, and about their doors hitting yours.

But it didn't really hit me until I was trying to leave. There were people going between the cars. There were cars pulling in, looking for parking spaces. And I was trying to navigate out between a pickup truck and a minivan. It was difficult and uncomfortable to get out.

It was then that I realized one of the reasons that I didn't like going into 7-11. The small, limited, tight parking spaces are a mental retardant.

I immediately realize what was needed. 7-11 has a very high flow of customers. What they need is a little more parking. And the parking should be pull through. That way you don't have to back out, or work against incoming traffic.

And I suppose this applies to more than 7-11. It goes for any fast-service convenience store that has tight, head-in parking.

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the parking-lot makers don't know that the vehicles in Colorado are much larger than in other states. =)