Pictures From Camping 1 of 2

We went camping for a long weekend in Gunnison Colorado.

We got in late Friday night, so all we did was unpack and go to sleep.
The first day was my birthday. We are suppsoed to do more of a celebration this weekend. Right next door to the Gunnison KOA where we stayed was the smallish airport. Saturday there was an airshow going on at the airport. We saw a lot of planes flying around. There were a bunch that were flying right over the campground. I got a really neat picture of a biplane flying right overhead. Just at the moment I clicked the picture, I noticed the sun glaring in the camera. When I checked the picture, the sun glare made it a really neat picture, with a little rainbow glare in the picture.
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Sunday we went rafting. We took a 'mild' rafting trip, level 1 and 2, so all of us could go. My little guys actually fell asleep the last 15 minutes of the trip. Rafting down the Gunnison has a lot of great vistas. As we were only going on level 1 and 2, I took a chance and brought my digital camera on the raft. At first I had it in a plastic bag. But I grew brave very quickly, and had it out for most of the trip. On the rare cases it looked like I was going to get splashed, I would slide the camera around to my side and protect it with my arm. Through some of the bigger rapids, I put it in it's case, but didn't worry about putting it in the plastic bag.

More pictures in the next entry.

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