Pictures: Nov 03 DARC Robot Meeting

Pictures from the November 2003 meeting of DARC robot club.

More pictures, and larger images

In the first picture on my Roboton blog, you will see my tunabot set up with two laptops. Why two laptops? Well, I can program with my newer P4M laptop, via the parallel port. But the P4M laptop does not have a serial port. So to be able to do debugging, I use my old 486 laptop. I used to use the 486 laptop for programming robots too, but it dosn't quite cut it for some of the programming environments. It might just be able to handle the TTT board (on the tunabot) with the bascom compiler/IDE, but I like the speed on my P4M :) . Of course, a 486 is plenty fast for being a 'dumb' terminal! :)

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