Picture Theme: Distant

The theme for Photo Time Tuesday is 'Distant'.

I found I had a lot of great 'distant' pictures in my collection. So first I took all the decent ones, and wound up with over 50 pictures! Ouch! :) So I finally culled it down to 18 pictures. Still a lot. But I'm posting them all. I like the first and last the best: 'Trail and contrail', and 'Train in the distance'. The pictures I took of the Trade Centers less than two weeks before they were brought down still touches me. Make sure you look at the 1024 versions of the pictures on the photoblog! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great collection of photos for the FTT you got here, Keith... and thanks for your comment over my place :-)

Lorien @ http://reborn-by-design.com/photolog/photolog.html

Smitten Kitten said...

Your pictures are interesting and unique!

sherle said...

Great photos! Tough choosing, yes I know! ;-)