First 12 pictures of Tunabot

The first 12 pictures of my Tunabot Robot

Why Tunabot? Because the wheels are made of Tuna cans! :)

This picture was taken at the point where I finally had a home-brew robot that was truely a home-built robot. I had made a few Lego Mindstorms robots before. And I had built a base up out of Legos for an HC11 controller, but I never quite finished that one.

After these pictures, I made some modifications that you will see in later pictures. I added 2 layers of rubber bands as grip to the tuna cans wheels. I added light sensors to the front skid. I moved the IR receiver from the top of the board to a spot just above the front skid. I took the IR LEDs out of their fixed case, and put them in shrink wrap. I added a second 9v battery inside front to be seperate drive power for the motors.

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