Pictures: Scenery Around the Scar

A bunch of pictures I took, hiking up from Glen Eryie, up the boulder (scree) field onto the Scar.

Scar: Eroded rocks, trees and view of mountains

Scar: Facinating erosion patterns

Scar: In case you weren't sure it was a quary - some of the rocks still have drill holes

Scar: Closeup on rocks - Emphasis on rock breaking up in bands

Scar: Looking down boulder field. Turns out that these boulders are scree - discards from the old scar quary

Scenery - Glen Eyrie-Scar: I was facinated by the way the clouds mirrored the ridgeline

I have used about all my good pictures from my laptop hard drive on my blog. I will have to start either taking more pictures or going into my archives (or both!). I have a bunch of pictures I took walking around Denver Tech Center backed up on CD, so you may be seeing those soon!
I am also thinking of starting another side-blog, for pictures related to robotics, and not posting them on my main blog like these pictures.


autowitch said...

These are pretty cool - nice pix of the structure of those rocks. Is that an arch in the first picture, or is it a near arch?


Keith said...

Nope, no arches - just natural terrain - or as natural as you get alongside a quarry! :)