Pictures DTC and Robotics

Going back in time to when I first got my digital camera. It didn't take long before I started trying to take 'artistic' pictures. I took these the second day. I love the fact that I can take all sorts of pictures with my digital camera, and it doesn't matter if they don't come out that well. It gives a sense of freedom to be able to take all sorts of chances taking pictures.

These are pictures I took near where I was working in Denver Tech Center. (DTC is South of the City of Denver, along Route 25.)

Denver Tech Center North End - From the Park 6/18/2001

Denver Tech Center - Waterfalls in park, Sprinklers 6/18/2001

Denver Tech Center - water channel through park 6/18/2001

Denver Tech Center - Watercourse through a park 6/18/2001

Going forward in time a few months from above, I started taking pictures of robots I was working on:
See my Roboton sub-blog for prototyping robotics, 3/22/2002

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