MAME - Arcade Emulator

I had run across MAME a while back. It is a collection of emulator programs in one package that is supposed to play a large number of the old arcade machine games. Pac Man? Donkey Kong? Asteroids? There are a huge number of games that will run on the MAME software. You have to buy the ROMs separately, due to licensing issues.

There is one site that seems to have 4,700+ games on 6 DVD-Roms arcade-archive.com.

But what brought me back to MAME was the fact that there is a new version of MAME available: KnoppixMAME. Knoppix is the running Linux system on a CD, no hard drive installation required. KnoppixMAME is a very trimmed down version of Knoppix, just for running MAME - with a lot of space left on the CD to add game ROMs.

Of course, if you really get into it, you might have to buy one of those special arcade consoles that plug into your PC.

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