Hiking the Scar

To help get ready for hiking Pikes Peak in less than two weeks, I did a quick climb up 'The Scar'.

The Scar is an old quary. It looks like they shaved off the top of the mountain at an angle, sort of like an icey.

The area has been partly reclaimed, but you can still tell it was a quary. I was interested to find out that you can hike past the top, down a steep trail, which leads quickly into Pikes Peak National Forest.

Thinking outside the box.

Okay - so I wasn't really working up there (no internet!). I posed it. But it turned out I did have to do something. I was lugging my laptop along as a training weight, to help build up for Pikes Peak. I took advantage of having it along to listen to some music while I was hiking. Well, just as I took off the backpack, the music stopped. It seems windows media player crashed. So it worked out well I was taking it out for the picture, as I restarted my music too.

I had hoped to take a picture of 'working' on my laptop at the top of the Scar, but it was raining lightly - but strong enough that I didn't want to take out my laptop.

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