Another Waste of Time

When I started work in Colorado Springs 3 years ago at an unnamed telecom company, they gave me a PC that had been a previous consultant's. The clean off a bunch of the stuff on the PC. But it still had the web home page pointing to iWon.com.
This is a sort of a portal site, where you can read news and do searches and stuff. Each time you do something on the site, you get some entries. You can accumulate up to 100 per day. This goes into monthly and annual pools. These are entries towards prizes. I am not very regular about it, and I have yet to win. But if you have a little time to waste it isn't bad.

Disclaimers: I would highly suggest a pop-up blocker before using this site. Be careful when following the links offsite - there are lots of offsite junk (more noticble when following the monthly prize signups) that ask for emails and credit cards.

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