Sand Castle Pictures

I took a bike ride with my boys Saturday afternoon. We went to the big park next to the local high school. Lev likes the BMX track. The boys enjoy the playground. And I enjoy making sand castles :) .

Pre-mound of sand for sand castle. My boys are so used to being able to jump on the sand mountains, that I had to tell them a few times not to jump on it, as I wanted to make it a castle.

Finished castle. The sand under was too dry to do much forming on the base, but I was able to able to make a couple of towers, then I dredged up some more wet sand for a bridge.

Later I did an experiment. I wanted to see if I could make a good wet sand pile for tunnel digging. It turns out I did too well.

First I stripped and area to the wet layer underneath. Then I took turns piling sand then packing it by standing on it. I made it so tight, that it hurt to dig the tunnels. But Lev and I dug some tunnels for the challenge.

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