Flying to Florida

Well, I'm flying down to Florida for Memorial day weekend. This time when I checked Orbitz I was surprised to find no non-stops from Denver to Fort Myers. Well, if I have to change planes, it was worth checking flying out of
Colorado Springs Airport.
Before 911, it cost about the same to fly out of the Springs, you just usually had to accept 1-stop verses non-stop compared to Denver. But this is the first time that costs have been similar, and Denver has gone to a one-stop. Okay, so maybe it has to do with the season too, but I like being able to fly out of the Springs. It is a really nice airport. I might go early to enjoy the Free Wireless at the Springs airport. They charge at Denver.

I love it! I just read the name of the SSID (the name of the wireless network) at the Springs airport: 'tsunami'. Why do I love it? Because it goes well with the name of my Toshiba laptop: 'Tornado'!

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